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This might really be your first rodeo.

here are some common questions that couples have for me.

Frequently asked Questions

Where are you located?

I'm based out of Watertown, South Dakota, but I LOVE to travel. I generally serve SD, ND, MN, and IA, but I'm always game to shoot destination weddings as well!
How much do you charge?
I have a whole page explaining my prices! It's super clear cut with all of the pricing information in one place.
I'm ready to book! How does the process work?
I have a questionnaire that will help me get a feel for how I can best serve you! I like to get to know my clients and what you're looking for in a photographer.
I'll check out your questionnaire and email you! If I have your date available, Normally I like to schedule a phone call to chat and answer any questions that you have. Then I'll send you a contract with all of my information to look over and sign.
Payment options include:
  • 40% up front and the remaining balance 2 weeks before your wedding
  • 4-8 payments equally spaced​
Once I have your contract and deposit, we can get to the fun part of planning your engagement session!
Even if you would just like to chat with me, please fill out my wedding questionnaire, no obligations!
How do you deliver photos?
I use a gallery service called Pic-Time that I will email to you once your photos are ready! The gallery is live for 30 days, and you can download all of the photos straight from there! You're able to share the link with family and friends, and they're able to download their favorites as well.

Do I have to order prints from you? ​

Nope! With every session I grant a "print release", which means that you are able to print anywhere that you choose and as many times as you would like.
I like to give a print release because I WANT you to print and hang up your gorgeous new photos around your home, and I like to make that as easy as possible!
Where do you recommend printing from?
My biggest request as a photographer is PLEASE spend the extra $5 and print through a high quality lab! You've already invested in the photos, it's worth it to have the photos look as amazing on print as they do on screen.
I recommend This is the sister-company to the professional lab that I use. I don't have any affiliation, but the photo quality is AMAZING, and really affordable. 
How soon will we get our photos back?
The typical turn around time for an engagement gallery is 4 weeks! My wedding contract states 12 weeks maximum.
​I work on your photos multiple times with fresh eyes to make sure that everything is perfect, and for wedding galleries that tends to be upwards of 30 hours of post-processing. Good things take time!
How much editing do you do to photos?
Post processing is the longest part of the photography process. I spend hours adjusting your photos to perfection. I am a natural light photographer, and I love enhancing natural beauty. My goal is to edit as true to life as possible, and to keep your wedding photos timeless.
I understand that everyone has insecurities, if you have anything that you aren't 100% confident about, please tell me! There are so many ways that I can help pose you to show off the things you love about yourself and minimize others.
I will lightly retouch and enhance skin, and can outsource heavy editing for an additional charge. I want you to look like the best and most natural version of you! 
P.S. Yes, I do use photoshop, but no, I can't photoshop Aunt Betty into your wedding photos, or magically remove your cousin's 3rd girlfriend this month. Before your wedding I'll have you give me all of the details and family dynamics as we create a shot list, and we can strategically put her on the end for easier cropping if need be. 
Can I put my photos on social media?
YES, absolutely yes! I'm thrilled every time I see one of my clients sharing their photos! Just make sure to download the photos from your gallery instead of screenshotting. Facebook is rough on photo quality, and I want you to be able to show off the most beautiful, clear photos!
Feel free to tag me @erinolsonphotography if you would like! I don't require that you tag me, but I do really appreciate it. If you've loved working with me, I also really appreciate a review on Facebook or Google! 

Next Steps

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